Playlist interface

The important stuff, and nothing more.

The window is your playlist — queue up hours of music right away! Work with individual tracks or entire albums. Open multiple simultaneous playlists, or append previously saved playlists to your current one.

Unlike other music apps, we cut to the chase. With Nasturtium Player, you spend less time browsing your music, and more time listening to it.


YouTube streaming without a web browser.

Nasturtium Player makes it easy to build playlists of your favorite YouTube videos, and to control their playback in an interface designed for music. Find and stream videos directly from Nasturtium Player, no web browser requried, or build up your playlist by drag and drop if you prefer


Starts out small and gets even smaller.

Sometimes small isn't good enough. Nasturtium Player's miniplayer mode hides away your playlist and shows only the current song.


Nasturtium Player is kind of awesome.

“ I like how Nasturtium unifies search of local media and YouTube videos in a single interface.... a powerful concept that fits my music listening habits. ” —Federico Viticci, MacStories (on Nasturtium Player beta)

“ As usual when trying new apps, it’s the care about small details that stands out to me. I like the thinking process that went into Nasturtium. ” —Federico Viticci, MacStories

“ The app revolves around playlists, and it’s easy to create, edit and save them for use in the future. The UI is clean and simple, and feels right at home on Mountain Lion.” —Stephen Hackett, Tools & Toys

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Requires Mac OS X 10.7 or later.