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How do I skip a track?
Just double-click the play button.
Can I search for tracks by rating?
Yes! To search for e.g. tracks that you've marked with at least 4 stars in iTunes, simply type '****' in the search panel.
Can I search by genre?
Yes! Just type the genre.
How do I choose music from the mini player?
The default configuration brings up the search panel on a ⌘-click in the mini player. You can also use the keyboard shortcut ⌘-O or the menu command Playlist | Add Music...
How do I display the total length of the playlist?
Click in the status bar at the bottom of the window to cycle between total time and remaining time.
YouTube videos have no sound!?
This appears to be due to a Webkit+QuickTime bug that manifests on certain configurations. We can't fix this issue yet, but we do have a work-around. Go to Nasturtium Player | Preferences... and click “Use Flash player for YouTube (not recommended)” in the General section. Please email us at support@nasturtiumlabs.com and let us know if the fix works for you!
Can Nasturtium Player still read my iTunes music if it is stored on an external drive?
Under Mac App Store sandboxing, Nasturtium Player can't access iTunes libraries stored in non-standard locations. We're working on fixing this, but in the meantime, please forward your App Store receipt to support@nasturtiumlabs.com and we'll send you a non-sandboxed build of Nasturtium Player.